Amstel Ultra Seltzer

Amstel is an international beer brand with more than 140 years of history, which has managed to establish itself in the market as a premium brand. With the launch a few years ago of its "Amstel Ultra" line

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This drink combines mineral water with alcohol and a slight touch of flavor in a mix that seeks to be the perfect balance between lightness, flavor and freshness. At just 80 calories, with no sugar and no carbs,  Amstel Ultra Seltzer is the ideal drink for those looking to enjoy life with no regrets. The aim of the packaging design for Amstel Ultra Seltzer was to create a visual identity that would connect with the global image of the brand, while highlighting the lightness and freshness of the drink. 


To do this, a graphic system was developed that uses colored stripes on the top of the cans to allude to the flavor code, while the rest of the packaging is white to convey the lightness and smooth flavor of hard seltzer. To reference the aromatic and flavor blend of the beverage, a series of iconographic illustrations were created that are used as a small detail in the can's design. These illustrations add an interesting and attractive visual touch to the brand, while also relating to the taste of the drink. Aluminum colored lines were used that refer to the waves used in the design of 'Amstel Ultra' beer, but in this case they were given a thinner line treatment to communicate the lightness of the product and its low calorie content. and carbs. Lastly, the can was coated with a matte varnish that contributes to the idea that Amstel Ultra Seltzer is a premium hard seltzer.