Bohemia Noche Buena

Bohemia Noche Buena, a Bock-style beer with a robust body and dark color, which was born in 1924 thanks to the German master brewers who founded the Cervecería de Orizaba. Initially brewed in small quantities for own consumption and for friends, 

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it was called 'Reserva de la Casa' and later began to be marketed in 1938 as a winter season beer, receiving the name Noche Buena, becoming the first Bock-type beer made in Mexico. . Despite its long history in the Mexican market and its position as a leader in Christmas season beers, Bohemia needed to revitalize itself so as not to lose its position in the market against its competitors.

By analyzing the market and the history of the brand, assets that were not being fully capitalized were identified, which led to the incorporation of the iconic color of the poinsettia flower as an essential element in the entire graphic system of the brand. In addition, a touch of green was added to make the connection with Christmas and the flower, and gold was integrated to create a more welcoming brand. As for the secondary packaging, the shape of the label ribbon was used to wrap the box as if it were a Christmas gift, with a composition created with poinsettia petals that enhance the bottle and present it as the protagonist of the packaging. With these renovations, Bohemia Noche Buena continues to be a leading Christmas beer in the Mexican market.