Carta Blanca Caguamita

Carta Blanca is the most traditional beer brand in Mexico and has recently launched a new presentation called Caguamita, inspired by its iconic 'Quitapon' from the 90's.

Carta Blanca
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We create modern packaging that integrates new design trends, such as the use of exponentially scaled logos and essentialist design. We took advantage of the new shape to create a product name that refers to the 940 mL presentations that are colloquially known as "Caguama", hence "Caguamita" was born, alluding to the diminutive of a loggerhead.

Carta Blanca Caguamita

With this launch, Carta Blanca began your transition from being a brand of parents and grandparents to being a young and fresh brand but with a history and a spirit of tradition.

Carta Blanca Packaging