Indio Vive Latino 2012-2023

The Indio Vive Latino music festival is one of the largest and most important in Latin America and features a wide variety of artists from different genres.

Cerveza Indio
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It has been the scene of performances by internationally recognized bands and artists and every year to celebrate each edition, Cerveza Indio launches a special commemorative collector's edition. 


For several years, the task of designing these commemorative cans has been carried out by Troubadour, so our objective has been to create these editions of Cerveza Indio cans, always seeking to reflect the essence of the festival, but at the same time maintaining brand identity and values. To achieve this, the first thing we do is analyze the festival poster to extract representative elements of each edition. Based on these elements, we make different proposals on how they can be integrated into the structure and elements of the Indio brand. The result is special edition cans that represent each edition of the festival, which become a unique collection to which a new one is added each year. A key point is the knowledge and mastery of the brand, as well as knowing the best way to adapt a graphic style designed for a digital medium to a system as limited as dry offset.