Valley Foods - Super Foods

Valley Foods, a private brand of Soriana, the largest Mexican retailer with more than 800 stores throughout Mexico, is proud to present its innovative line of super foods. Inspired by holistic lifestyle trends and focused on the premium segment, Valley Foods sought to create a line of high-quality products that offered its customers a unique and exceptional experience.

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Our packaging solution stands out for its white graphic system, which refers to the purity of the products, combined with metallic gold tones that provide a perception of quality and premiumness. We show the natural origin of the products through zenithal compositions of the product in different types of bowls, accompanied by dust spots that coexist with the whole and unprocessed product, creating a contrast between the origin and the final product. The communication pieces also look for a contrast, using dark backgrounds to make the white packaging stand out and take center stage. In addition, we add explosions of powders and ingredients that give vitality and generate a feeling of energy. This project is a true example of how innovation and attention to detail can create a unique and memorable experience for consumers.